About Us

The Campbell River Environmental Committee (CREC) is a non profit society. We are almost 40 years in existence. We are the streamkeepers for the Quinsam/Campbell Rivers. We attend the Quinsam Coal Environmental Review Committee Meetings, study and distribute sampling reports from the Quinsam Coal Mine and Myra Falls Mine and communicate with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Mines regarding how such industries may impact wetlands and watersheds.

CREC also sits on the BC Hydro Board, The Streamkeepers Committee and the Forestry Group (MIFLAG)

Our Mandate is:

  1. To ensure a healthy environment using principles of sustainability for the benefit of present and future generations.

  1. To safeguard the natural environment locally, regionally, provincially and nationally.

  1. To address environmental issues in our community, region, province and country.

  1. To address environmental issues and concerns in an informed, fair and ethical manner.

  1. To inform the public of risks to the environment associated with activities that are, or may be about, to take place.

  1. To promote environmental awareness that will provide citizens , government and business with informed decision making on environmental issues that affect our community, region, province and country.